The Arrival of Tall Tales!!

An early sample of TOTEM TALE arrived today! Yahoo! Its only being printed in paperback, but the PAWS IV imprint of Sasquatch books does a very nice job. Something about the characters, the graphic nature of the Tlingit inspired art, or the great glossy stock used for the cover, makes me feel like I've just illustrated my first professional comic book!!! Not a bad thing if I do say so myself. Perhaps I ought to send a few copies around to the handful of children's publishers that are jumping on the Graphic Novel bandwagon...

In further celebration of all things wild and Alaskan, my family and I woke up to 14 inches of snow on Monday morning and were expecting another 8-10 tonight! The shoveling muscles will get their dues and then I will finally sit down to finish my Illustration Friday Glamour artwork.

Good night and good luck!

PS: See a previous post featuring TOTEM TALE art here.

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Paige Keiser said...

Woo-hoo! Congrats! The cover looks beautiful :0)