Thor Scratchboard!

Getting some samples ready for my high school Drawing & Painting class. Not sure if I have ever done scratchboard before, but it seemed like a nice transition -- and just a different way of thinking/drawing -- after several weeks spent with pen and ink. For those not familiar with it, a thin sheet of paper with a clay-like surface has been coated in ink. Using "scratch knives" or any sharp tool, you slowly remove the black ink surface to expose the white underneath. A strong graphic line in this case, but also versatile enough with practice for a wide range of tones and values. Thor the wolverine represented here in all of his wolverine glory. Enjoy!


Cat Diaries on the MSN Homepage!

It's just an ad, and it might indeed be skewed to my particular viewership due to recent internet browsing, but still kind of a kick to scroll through the MSN website today and to see my Cat Diaries book show up! Thank you Amazon cookies for the early morning psyche boost :)


Harts Pass No. 430

Mysteriously, HP #229 is no where to be found. I will keep looking and add it to the stack when the opportunity presents.


Harts Pass No. 428

It's that time of year again... and the wolverines just want you to know that they don't feel left out AT ALL!


Harts Pass No. 427

Sometimes the weather is all that we can talk about. Too bad. There are SO many other things...


Harts Pass No. 426

I have been TERRIBLE about posting to my blog. I started teaching HS/JRH art last year (Sept. 2018) and in my efforts to sort all of that out and  to keep up with the rest of my life and work in general, the blog has been neglected.

I'm 'gonna cheat time and reality and all that and back date pretty much the entire year of comics to the date that they appeared in the paper, but once that New Year's resolution is accomplished I will do my darndest to me a little more regular about updates for 2020.

Cheers and "new" years greetings!


Harts Pass No. 425

Over the last 6 months... or really I guess the last 14, I've been teaching art at my local HS & JRH. After a shocking period of adjustment, I've still been making comics and slowly crafting stories in my spare moments, but my updates to this website have been sorely lacking.

Feeling the end of the XC coaching season here this fall, and feeling like I'll have even a little more time to spend getting caught up on posts and other illustration business. Not anywhere near the mid-winter break just yet (this is from last February!) but I'll aim to be totally caught up again and hopefully more regular about my website by the end of Christmas break :)

A few chronological updates of the comics to come in the next few weeks.

PS I HAVE been making regular use of my @erikbrooksbooks Instagram account, so if you'd like regular updates on the comics thats the best place to go.


Harts Pass No. 424

My wife made a "mix tape" thumb drive for me as a Christmas gift. I'm Sticking With You (Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground) is a favorite. It seemed like a good Valentine's Day prompt for the comic strip, so here you go. 

If you're not already familiar with this quirky and sweet little song -- original release 1969 ?? (as best I can tell) you can get a fuller appreciation via the video below. Enjoy!

Harts Pass No. 423

Reading something over the weekend before the strip about porcupines. Thought that there might be also something to their prickly nature that prevents them from denning together (except in extreme circumstances) but also just like the idea that they might be a little self-conscious. An extended streak of single-digit and low-teen degree temps here in the ever lovely Methow Valley. Any hope of that (going on 3+ weeks now) doing some damage control on the pine bark beetle infestations? Natural history and all of its wonders!


Harts Pass No. 422

Always some little nugget of information or inspiration to help contextualize a comic idea. #GRRR!


Harts Pass No. 421

I did not know Mary Oliver's work until her passing last week. I will seek it out for future days -- in due consideration of how to spend "one wild and precious life." #wolverinewednesdays


Harts Pass No. 420

On this week before Martin Luther King Jr. Day -- remembering out trip to the powerful memorial in D.C. a few springs back.



Harts Pass No. 418

"Out with the old, in with the new", etc. etc. I'm not really sure that this always works. How about a little institutional knowledge and some common goals/concerns for both the "old" and the "new." Agreed for sure that sometimes we need a fresh start -- and goodness know that I am hopeful for many "new" things to make 2019 a better year, but one thing does lead to another and perhaps an additive rather than subtractive process would be more productive and successful in the long term. But what do I know? Just sayin' #GRRR! #HappyNewYear!