Sketches galore!

Although I haven't posted any in a while, I'm still hanging in there with a daily (or almost) sketch routine that seems to be doing the trick. So many story ideas spring from these generally spontaneous drawings. And the surprise factor is always nice -- be it ninja raccoons or something more subtle like an arm curled around a favorite pal. Enjoy!


Harts Pass No. 140

As per usual, Melanie is diligent, steadfast, and clever. Thor let's his general enthusiasm get the best of him :) The wolverine/Endangered Species Act part is spot on, however. Check out the recent national attention in places like Salon.com and the NY Times.


Harts Pass No. 139

Not really on the mark for the lovey-dovey day at hand, but a Happy Valentine's to one and all nonetheless!


Harts Pass No. 138

OK. Since my wife and daughter couldn't decipher this: Thor (the wolverine) doesn't want winter to end -- so he eats the marmot (pseudo Cascadian groundhog) before he can properly prognosticate. Thusly, the happy ending with a grizzly middle. Six more weeks of winter!

Note to self: I probably should have drawn some flailing limbs, snarling wolverine teeth, or a flying marmot hat to make it more clear that the little guy was eaten alive. Learning something new with every edition...


Harts Pass 1.30.13

Introducing Logan! Who is a little chagrinned by the results of his first experience with record keeping...