A few reviews!

Did Fleming RESUCE Churchill? has been getting some nice coverage of late. Everyone love's Mr. Giblin's timely treatment of the research issues in the internet age. Personally, I couldn't agree more :)

Contending With Culture - Rob Shearer, Francis Schaeffer Study Center, Mt. Juliet, TN


On the drawing board...

...a little girl & her thrill seeking dinosaur!



For an upcoming SCBWI event, we were asked to ponder on an ideal super power... thus, the "Power of the Persuasive Pinky". I know, I should get out more...

And then there's this recent gem:
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Fan Art... and REVOLUTION!

I may have gotten a raw deal in the publisher department of my first book, but at least Percy and his fabulous pajamas still have a lot of fans! I love the bear drawings. Keep em' coming!

...and maybe someday I'll be able to make my case for taking this book to another publisher!

HOLD ON... That's a GREAT idea! Send any additional artwork and your very own Practically Perfect Liberation Ideas to:

PO Box 731
Winthrop, WA 98862

We'll do this grassroots-style for the internet age!



...to you!

Kids III

Nothing narrative about this, but another kids sketch from recent days...


SCBWI Western WA is...Superlative!

To honor a terrific and inspiring weekend of children's book, authors, illustrators, agents, publishers, and librarians... I did this intense little drawing of an angry looking kid??

I'm also going to up the volume on my "spare time" drawing efforts :) I love the work that I'm doing, but I'm currently addicted to a heavier brushstroke-darker-printmakier sort of drawing. Here's to a lifetime of experimentation -- a constant search for superlative -- to throw out one of Mo Willems' words of the weekend. I also liked his "philosophy" for treating the finished book like the work of art -- the sculpture -- and all of the various drawings along the way -- even the finals images -- like just so many shavings of wood. Less in-love with individual drawings. The sum is greater than its parts...

Really, a great conference. From picturebooker Mr. Willems to YA rabble rouser Chris Crutcher, there were many humorous and insightful speakers. I especially enjoyed seeing/hearing Arthur Levine and Librarian Bloggeratti Elizabeth Bird (AKA Fuse # 8) in action -- and Marcia Wernick of the Sheldon Fogelman Agency has me seriously considering the value of such a partnership.

The icing on the cake was a successful effort to emerge from my typical conference bubble -- and to actually talk to people! Usually, when I'm not presenting, I retreat and observe. This time around I did a better job of saying 'hello' and meeting some folks. Not going bonkers mind you, I think I spoke to 3 people at the wine and cheese "social", but way better than usual. Chats with Laini Taylor, Jim Di Bartolo, David Hohn, and Paul Schmid make the shortlist of highlights. A special nod to Simn & Schuster art director Laurent Linn (who I've now met in person - yay!) for the extended conversations beyond our dummy consultation, and to Dial editor Jessica Garrison for the improptu portfolio chat. Thanks to all!