Happy Birthday Mr. Audubon!

My calendar tells me that today is John James Audubon's birthday. I'm certainly no genius naturalist, but I painted a few different birds recently and I have always been a fan of Audubon's amazing renderings. Melissa Sweet illustrated a great picture book biography about Audubon a few years ago. Enjoy!

Bookmark Doodles Too


Bookmark Doodles

I have a shoe box full of paper scraps. These odd-sized pieces get used for all sorts of things, and yesterday I started painting bookmarks. I'm hooked. Expect to see more!


Mail Day!

The good folks at Henry Holt paired the good with the bad in this afternoon's UPS package. First, some work (not really that bad). I knew it was coming because I have to make a few minor corrections to the artwork on a recent project (see kangaroos and sticky notes in the background). But second, they included a printed and bound copy of the soon to-be-released Cat Diaries! Written by Betsy Byars and illustrated by yours truly :) 

MEOW! Always so cool to see a book come into complete and total being! Lots and lots of pictures in this one!If you'd like to take a closer look, I'll have a copy at this weekend's SCBWI conference in Seattle. Cheers! 


The Fall 2010 Catalog Cover!

Good news! I was honored (and very excited) to learn that Alex and Zina will be front and center on the Marshall Cavendish Fall 2010 catalog cover. There are tons of great titles on this list, so its pretty cool to see the artwork from POLAR OPPOSITES kick it all off in the right direction!

Publication (September 2010) is still a ways off, but the marketing department is 3-6 months right on schedule.