Harts Pass no. 500

Wolverines in Rainier National Park! Pretty cool to see them showing up in new places (or at the very least finding them there), but traveling right now is kind of a nightmare. GRRR! Maybe next summer...


Harts Pass no. 499

On a slightly different topic, a bunch more wolves were killed in WA state recently. If all things Covid-related are new and different and unsettling, its good to know that the "same old same" old can also be unsettling...


Harts Pass no. 498


11/11 UPDATE: The repercussions of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally are still being felt. North and South Dakota currently rank among the highest in the nation for Covid-19 hospitalization rates. As far as "representative democracy" goes, the leaders and government officials in both states could do a LOT better to lead by example rather than just expect the people to come to their senses all by themselves! I mean don't get me wrong, the people should be able to come to their senses all on their own... but having someone lead a little is FAR from forcing you into something or taking away all of your freedoms. Give me a break people. Wear a mask!


Harts Pass no. 497

CRAZY numbers of people fled the cities and ran for the hills for local recreation and a sense of freedom this summer. It's impact is lasting... just in case you weren't paying attention.