A Fall 2009 Methow Arts Interview

Boo and Dinny (from Boo's Surprise) join me on the cover of Methow Arts Magazine.


Some Good News!

About 10 days ago I received word from author Deb Vanasse that Totem Tale had been selected as a Reading is Fundamental (RIF) read-aloud book for "40,000 children in 50 public elementary schools" in Washington, DC. The RIF DC Initiative (“DCI”), is a special program facilitating free book distribution and motivational activities. All children in participating schools get to choose a free book to keep at each of the three book distribution events held during the school year. Totem Tale will be featured in the first book event during November, which is American Indian Heritage Month.

In celebration (and support) of such excellent news, I've just established a separate blogsite for a Totem Tale teacher's guide and other supplemental materials.

And, just because it's REALLY nifty, I'm posting this swanky Totem Tale Music Player right here as well!

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Through the wonders of modern technology and the generous talents of Terry Hunt at Mountain Sound Digital Media LLC, you can listen to a theme song for each of the totem characters in the book. Terry wrote and performed these pieces for a 2006 Totem Tale theatrical production by the Methow Valley Community School. The play was FANTASTIC, and with Terry's permission, I am extremely pleased to share that music with you today!


Fair Enough!

The Okanogan County Fair: A feast of images (and curly fries!)


An experiment with an experiment...

This is old hat for some of you, but on the heels of Summer Reading 2009 I've just uploaded my very first Lulu.com self-publishing experiment. Super Princess Madam Zorony lives!

Each interior page in this serial story was the result of much collaboration and creative input by kids all over north central Washington. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Once I get a few copies of my own, I plan to put them in circulation - back into the libraries from whence they came!


Too Cool!

"Literacy Day" 2009. Octavius Bloom goes to school. Too cool!