Harts Pass No. 115

Summer road trip explorations into Idaho... Check out the signage on your next visit the Gem State and see for yourself! The Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness area IS excellent wolverine habitat however.


Harts Pass No. 114

Melanie is relaxed and I was on vacation. A great trip to another mountainous and wild place, but its always great to get home!


Harts Pass No. 113

Running in the woods last week -- in the heat of the day no less -- I was frankly shocked to cross paths with so many rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks (even a black bear) etc. at various trail junctures. Apparently, the summer "crush" of traffic extends beyond downtown Winthrop!


Harts Pass No. 112

Mega-commercialism and the Olympics. Hand-in-hand since 1984 -- or at least that's when I'm led to believe that somebody REALLY started cashing in :) When you might be crossing a line by displaying the Olympic rings (freshly made no less) in your bakery window or other such grass roots celebratory efforts, then things have probably gone too far.

And please stop showing the professional athlete "Olympic Dream" commercials. THAT is never the story here people!


Harts Pass No. 111 - The Olympiad Edition!

With no television reception, and limited online viewing access, the critters at Harts Pass are a bit disgruntled over their capacity to follow The Games of the 30th Olympiad. Thor considered a border hop north to Canada, but Kit and other young animal friends have taken the Olympic Spirit and run with it... Bring 'em on!