Harts Pass No. 203 & sign painting in downtown Winthrop!

The first BIG waves of summer tourism descended upon Winthrop this past Memorial Day weekend. And from my perch atop a friend's brand new local retail establishment, I couldn't help but notice that everything is looking pretty spiffy and inviting. The art brain was also working a little overtime this past week -- and at two drastically different scales (GIANT signs and tiny comics) to boot. "Lookin' good" to all and thanks for stopping by!

The almost blank canvas (letters lightly penciled in)...
...to early progress from the Genie Z Boom... 
...to getting pretty close...
... to the final touches...
...and the finished product!


Harts Pass No. 202

A grrreat talk by Bill McKibbon here on the home turf Monday night. Not entirely cheery, but not without hope. Climate Change is a bear. No doubt about it. Learn more about McKibben's work at 350.org.


Harts Pass No. 201

Anyone else been pulling weeds? They're exponential!


Freelancing at work!

If you follow this blog or are familiar with my work in any way, then you know that I pretty much specialize in children's book illustration, comic strips, and the teaching/schools visits that come about in connection to those pursuits.

Occasionally, my skills are safely tested in the realms of library promotion and summer reading materials -- but in the last year I've had several opportunities to stretch the ole' illustration and design hat a bit.

For starters, a few logo designs:
And then a stroller design commission from the good folks at SmarteCarte (AKA the rentable luggage carts that you find in airports):

And then finally, with the official publication(s) of Training for New Alpinism (March 18th), and Simple Fly Fishing (March 15th) -- both by Pategonia Books -- I can now add a more "technical" line art (for lack of a better description) to my quiver of illustration styles: 

My contributions in each instance were relatively small, but both books turned out really great under the respective design direction of Faceout Studio and Monkey C Media.

In any instance, be it children's illustration, logo design, or technical drawings, the collaborative nature of the effort is essential to the best possible end result. Thanks to all of the above for giving me the opportunity to stretch and grow in the collaborative process and cheers to all in the year ahead!


Where can I find Welcome to Harts Pass?

With the last of my Kickstarter rewards finally in the mail, I've been taking steps to make the book available to a larger audience. As noted earlier this week, I did a small release party Trail's End Bookstore, and copies are also available at:
  • A Book For All Seasons (Leavenworth, WA)
  • Village Books (Bellingham, WA)
  • Winthrop Gallery (Winthrop, WA)
  • The Confluence Gallery (Twisp, WA)
  • The Mazama Store (Mazama, WA)

I will update this list as additional locations are added to the mix, but thanks in advance for supporting your local bookstores and gallery spaces!

I'm working on a broader placement with help from book distributor Partners West, and I will make that information available to any potential booksellers when I get final approval.

Books can also be ordered RIGHT HERE, so follow the PayPal link below if you'd like a book mailed straight from the source. Fill in a name to the "autograph" field and I am happy to personalize!

Personalized autograph to:

Thanks so much, and remember to stay up on the weekly comics at www.hartspass.com. GRRR!

Harts Pass No. 200!

I enjoy doing the weekly comic, I really do, but something about it also creates a time warp. Week to week to week, and time is FLYING by! Two-hundred strips is almost fours years of making comics. GAAA! I've really been doing this for years already? AMAZING...

Anyway, as I said to start, I like it. Its quick-turn storytelling practice.  Its keeps me drawing consistent characters. It presents a creative challenge for format and subject matter, etc. All great :)

Still, time is flying.  No doubt about it. Thanks for reading!



Trail's End Bookstore welcomes Harts Pass!

A small publication party at my local bookstore today here in Winthrop, WA. Much thanks to Trail's End for hosting and for the small but attentive crowd for turning out in the middle of your Sunday afternoon. Special thanks to Abby for making AWESOME COOKIES!

I'll be posting a Facebook event announcement later this evening, but Harts Pass Comics and I will be making our next appearance at Village Books in Fairhaven/Bellingham, WA on Saturday, May 17th. Don't miss it. GRRR!


School Visit Press

Follow the link below for a few nice words about my late March visit to Clark Elementary in Issaquah, WA. Ironically, and I just found this out moments ago, Issaquah and I also share a birthday:

Now, the city IS exactly 80 years my senior, but still and interesting coincidence to say the least - especially since the little article was also published on April 29. Enjoy, and thanks again to all of the kids, teachers, and staff at Clark that put me up to an excellent visit!


Harts Pass No. 199

Several birthdays celebrated in the last few days -- not all of them "creaky!"