Harts Pass No. 417

A little late in getting this on the blog, but Merry Christmas all!


Harts Pass No. 416

More species reintroduction to the North Cascades National Park... and Thor is doing his best impression of righteous indignation -- coupled with a complete and total lack of understanding what is really going on. Sound familiar? Another strip here that did not quite make the deadlines for the paper. Bonus for you if you follow along via the blog or on Instagram. Cheers!


Harts Pass No. 415

And my own lovely daughter IS super enthusiastic about many, many things. It's awesome! Keep it it up kiddo. Your energy and verve are contagious!


Harts Pass No. 414

There's always a Thanksgiving strip. Or at least there has been for the last eight years. True to form of late I was  a little tardy in the posting, but the strip did get done in time for the newspaper deadline! Thanks to all of you who follow the strip. I'm back on a more even keel with posting and look forward to wrapping up the year in style. GRRR!


Harts Pass No. 413

With so many other things going on I have not been keeping up the comic very well. So it goes. I  really do like making these so hopefully my sense of available time changes at least a little bit this week -- although we shall see :) No matter what, I'm very thankful this week for friends and family. And for big hugs and welcome returns after times away that are long or short or anywhere between. Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!


Harts Pass No. 412

You can watch any number of videos on YouTube or read more about it in the Seattle Times, but the relocation of an "exotic" mountain goat population from Washington's Olympic peninsula to the more appropriate setting of the north cascades was one of the more fascinating things to happen this summer. About 350 goats were relocated. The others were unfortunately eliminated by other means.

PS This comic was never published in the Methow Valley News. I drew it a little late, and it seemed less appropriate to send in the following week.


Harts Pass No. 411

So I started teaching art classes at our local high school this fall... and thusly time has been slipping ever-so-quickly through my fingers! My first week of September DID very quickly become the second week of October, and so on and so fourth. The comics are coming back though. Slowly but surely!


Harts Pass No. 410

Hard to ignore the wild fire smoke right now. Both from an "I'm living here" standpoint, and from the fact that for three years running the first several weeks of our fall XC running season (coaching for my part) have been compromised by at least 3-8 days of unhealthy air quality. This is not normal. It is not acceptable. The policy makers of the world need to wake up and pull their hands out of Big Oil and corporate-interest pockets. Its not all supposed to be about money and greed. It should not be a business-first kind of world. They need to start thinking more critically and with long-term vision about the health and well fare of the American people. GRRR!


Harts Pass No. 409

Pretty much how I've been operating of late. There is an outward projection (hopefully calm and collected)... and an internal chaos that hard to ignor. GRRR! #wolverinesarepeopletoo


Harts Pass No. 407 & 408

UHG! The wildfire smoke from Canada and local sources is hitting us HARD! Atmospheric particular matter (PMI) readings in the 400's today -- which is among the highest on the planet right now according to the air quality index listing at PurpleAir.com... We've had intermittent smoke and good/bad days over the two weeks since the first strip, but it has been consistently worse just to our south. The lack of air movement is layering it in all around and there is no real change in site. Stay inside if you can. The wolverines and other critters have far fewer options. GRRR!


The most awesome POLAR OPPOSITES reading ever!

OK, I don't really haunt the YouTubes looking for my books, but in a random search today I came across this POLAR OPPOSITES reading by the incredibly awesome Sauda for the YouTube channel, ABC Read, ABC Learn. It doesn't look like Sauda does too many of their other readings, but this one I definitely had to share. Enjoy!

Harts Pass No. 406

The strip pretty much says it all. Tim's JalapeƱo chips are totally addictive. GRRR!

Harts Pass No. 405

It seems to me that free time is filled with too many practical and objective pursuits these days. I mean, its one thing if you're older and using that time to pursue a passion or to get on track with some other thing that leads to something else, and I'm all for a high bar and goals and drive... but for kids - especially kids of a younger age - they really don't need to be getting ahead on next year's school work with their summer time lazy days. Relaxed is relaxed, a wandering mind is good. A laser focus on the "next thing" or some sort of objective lesson with literally EVERY activity will only wear you down before your time.


Harts Pass No. 404

Another weather strip. PS Summer is NOT my favorite season! #wolverineworries #snowforlife #summer...


Harts Pass No. 403

I'm late in posting last week's strip -- which is too bad because I was pretty happy with it :) So many of these little comics are just a reaction to everyday normal things like the weather etc. (RE WINDY of late!) but then I get to draw some cute animals and try to find a little humor in it. As always, enjoy!


Harts Pass No. 402

Up in the mountains since the 4th of July. A summer-like tardiness to the posting of this strip but the sentiment rings true -- and perhaps even more so as we move past holiday feelings of freedom on to taking a measure of the actual freedoms that we should cultivate and encourage. Onward! 


Harts Pass No. 401

Summer started last week, but I was busy celebrating that 400th strip. For that matter, with highs today really just barely reaching 70 degrees, the swimming hole will be slightly more appealing in another week or two. Not a huge fan of the "hot" part of summer... so I'm good. Enjoy!


Harts Pass No. 400!!!!!!

Our 8th year anniversary here from the lofty heights at Harts Pass Comics. Progress is hard, but our wolverines keep giving it a go. Onwards and upwards. GRRR!


Harts Pass No. 399

Happy graduation class of 2018!!!!


Harts Pass No. 397 & 398

And still behind on my online posts! A little rush to catch up on other things at the end of the track season. I should be back into a more normal rhythm and flow next week.


Harts Pass No. 395 & 396

A little behind on the uploads from last week. NOT because of imminent flooding, but there have been a lot of happenings in the studio and beyond.

And this week's strip basically sums the goings on of the greater world. Things like clean energy, higher cafe standards, regulations to protect worker's rights or to prevent stupid things from happening with the banking industry... some things are just better for everyone. I mean seriously! Except of course for those very few who stand to make a lot of many from continued pillaging and abuse. Anyway, the river's up.

Until next week!


Harts Pass No. 394

WSDOT reports that the North Cascades Highway will open on Friday -- just in time for the 49er's Day Weekend here in Winthrop, WA. Always an important boon to the start of summer tourism, this open stretch of scenic highway through the heart of the north cascades is also a popular bike route -- especially in the week or so period of time when its just almost  done but not quite open to cars. The wolverines and other non-cycling members of the animal kingdom must also take a least a passing fancy to these pre-car days of open road. Enjoy! 

PS Headline news in the Seattle Times today: Breeding Wolverine Heralds Comeback in Washington's CascadesA quick story about the first documented breeding female south of 1-90. Coming soon as a topic of interest to Harts Pass Comics :)



Harts Pass No. 392

A haiku for spring -- and a public service announcement about the benefits of sunscreen to boot!


Harts Pass No. 391

Late to posting last week's comic... You can certainly appreciate this on the ground level as a fan of #collectivenouns — but it will resonate even a little more with a greater knowledge of #okanogan #okanogancountyhigh schools and #highschool #sportsObviously, I coach the #mountainlions :)


Harts Pass No. 390

Our little Kit is growing up. It’s totally great. And amazing, and fun, and presenting us with new and different parenting hurdles just like it should be... but I think she’ll stay forever read-a-story-in-your-lap-sized in the funny pages :)


Harts Pass No. 389

Spring is nice, but I feel like it IS a bit of a mixed bag. For those of us that love skiing, it's warm and sunny and thrilling in its own way when we can ski just a wee bit longer into the "shoulder season." At the same time however, it is spring after all, and the skiing can just as easily suck eggs. On the other side of the equation - for those winter haters that are desperate for sun and warm - spring is enticingly fickle. It feels warm and alluring... but it can just as equally suck eggs. And thusly, the "discontent." 

From the idea development department, "Now is the winter of our discontent" is the opening line from Shakespeare's Richard III (1592), and it actually translates with a little more context into something like: the time of unhappiness in past.  So I guess, but saying that spring is a season of discontent and dashed expectations, I'm probably using it incorrectly. Alas, so it goes. Interpret as you see fit!


Harts Pass No. 388

The first week of spring -- and the snow is slowly but surely starting to peel back from warmer patches of dirt and the occasional rock or bitter brush poking through. Still below freezing over night, so we'll hold on to a solid morning crust and a remaining 4-6 inches for at least another week or two!


Harts Pass No. 387

A beautiful sunrise here in the north cascades on Tuesday morning. It's still looking a LOT like winter, but time outside is getting warmer and a "shimmer" is starting to shine in that late afternoon sun. Onward and upward!


Harts Pass No. 386

As the comic says, a heartfelt 'thank you' to Congressman Newhouse for his endorsement of the Methow Headwater's Campaign and its tireless work to protect both the local and statewide watersheds. Official approval is now in the hands of the Department of the Interior and the Deparment of Agriculture, but the supportive letter from Newhouse and the ongoing work of many people has this effort headed in a good direction #toospecialtomine #protectthemethow #nomazamamine


Harts Pass No. 385

Click the comic to read the fine print, but amazingly enough the first experiments with photovoltaic energy conversion were taking place in 1839!!! Solar electricity and the wild west. Totally simpatico.


Harts Pass No. 384

Coaching track in north central Washington... we'll be really luck if we see our track by April 1st!


Harts Pass No. 383

A little early on the Harts Pass post this week, but happy winter olympic Valentine's Day!


Harts Pass No. 382

Groundhogs and marmots. Pretty much the same thing. And they probably taste very similar!


Hourly Comic Day 2018

Thursday, February 1st was my novice attempt at the annual Hourly Comic Day. Happy with the way I was headed... but also needed to throw in the towel after lunch :) Next year I'll clear out the schedule to accommodate a little extra drawing, but it was fun while it lasted!


On the drawing table...

In the final throws of two recent illustration projects - two board books for Little Bigfoot (Sasquatch) Books - and I'm excited to share just a peek at some of the art :)

IF I WERE A BEAR, and IF I WERE A BIRD both publish this fall. BEAR is pretty much done and BIRD will be next week. Then off and running on something new!


Harts Pass No. 381

It was super sunny when I drew this. And it was stunning. I promise!


Harts Pass No. 380

The normalization of incompetence and disfunction -- when working with relatively familiar and predictable materials in order to accomplish relatively standard and straight forward objectives. THAT is the nature of our current political leaders and process. It shouldn't be like this, and grown men and women who cannot figure out bipartisan and productive ways to operate should be given no further chances to represent the American people. And if they want to argue that power doesn't corrupt - and that those in power aren't being politically greedy when actually faced with an very evenly divided electorate - then they need to put up or shut up and try to get some productive and healthy moderate legislation accomplished. Stop swinging the needle so far to either the right or the left and try to keep the real American dream in some sort of perspective. As the comic says, "the world is watching, let's try not to screw this up!"


Harts Pass No. 379

Small drawings. Great ideas. This quote is just one small part of Dr. King's Letter from Birmingham Jail. In isolation, this sentiment is FAR less impactful than the whole -- but I was looking to boil down just one small and positive idea for the day.


Harts Pass No. 378

I wrote this comic on Monday and it's all set up to post on Thursday morning. That's a long ways off for accurate weather predictions, but they do have snow in the forecast. Winter thus far has certainly been adequate but more is definitely better :) As of Wednesday afternoon they are predicting 2-4 inches tonight and then another 6-10 on Thursday afternoon. This goes live on Thursday AM. Did the snow dancing help?


Harts Pass No. 377

Too. Many. Things... GRRR!