Build Back Better Bear no. 2 - 11.24.20

Strong. Stable. Predictable. THIS is the kind of job creation and reliable work that we need. Eternally hopeful that our new administration can help to get us there and help to get government assistance into the hands of those who truly need it rather than the top-down trickle-down economic handouts that have proven time and time again to be false. 


Harts Pass no. 513

 Phew. My Thanksgiving strip this year got a little crazy. One of those ideas that never quite FULLY found its center and thusly drifts around a bit. Some days are like that :) Anyway, DEFINITELY a different kind of year. A little wild. A little cold. A memorable occasion that we hope to NEVER repeat again (although we could make do if totally necessary.) Be well. Stay safe. Wear a mask and take care of those around you. 


Build Back Better Bears!

I'm painting bears again. It's been a while, and who knows if I'll be able to hit a consistent enough groove to keep it going. That being said. I'm excited to try. Loosely speaking, I'd like to do a weekly bear. I'll post them here and share 'em around. I might even mail 'em out. I relished in a personal participation sort of way the "artistic advocacy" of the #polarbearpostcardproject but something like a #buildbackbetterbears campaign could be a little more broad. The point as always is hopeful. Just a little art to make a statement, to grab some attention, or to call out a need or highlight an action. We shall see. Bear no. 1 is ready to go.


Harts Pass no. 512

This happens all of the time, but our recently forecast 2" of snow turned into 11! No great radar on this side of the cascades but we'll take it when we can get it. Thor's expression is a little misleading here, because we in the wolverine family actually DELIGHT in the surprise blast of winter. Onward and upward!


Harts Pass no. 511

 This was my Veteran's Day strip. When researching the day I was surprised to learn that Bob Ross had an extensive military career prior to his work with PBS... and it also gave me certain pause for thought about the many MANY contributions that our veterans make beyond their service duties. In many ways a military career is not that different from that of a professional athlete. There is active duty, and then there is a huge span of time beyond that prime physical employment. Grateful for the work and the contributions in so many things. 


Harts Pass no. 510

I read this quote in a Biden campaign speech. Its a good one -- both for the necessity of a functioning society and a less partisan government, AND for the kind of community work that needs to happen for the supposedly United States to finally get our act together and to overcome this pandemic. GRRR!