So much to be thankful for - especially amidst the recent rending of tears and expostulations into the ether...

Family and friends. A community of others. Those to be held, who in return will hold. Bright eyes, rosy cheeks, and mischevious grins... definitely the top of my list!


Not to be Missed

If you haven't seen it already, Sophie Blackall's Missed Connections blog is too good to miss. I was already a fan of her work - especially her color pallet and sense of style in Ruby's Wish, Meet Wild Boars, and Ivy and Bean - now I'm like that gawky teenager in awe of a girl who pretty much walks on water. Simple. Striking. Delicate and bold. Great stuff!


The Fix!

A quick peak at most of POLAR OPPOSITES -- both on my studio wall and on the front porch getting a final coat of "workable" fixative. Highly recomended that you wear some sort of mask for this part of the job. After several weeks of minimal sleep I pretty much resemble an alien anyway...


On the Drawing Board

In the final throws of my latest picturebook project. Frankly, I'm late on this one, but there's been a lot going on... I'll be sure to send a celebratory post when done is done!


Tremendous loss...

Last Saturday morning, my friend Sean McCabe died after a long stuggle with Thyroid cancer. He was far too young for such a fate, and leaves behind his wife Laura, two beautiful daughters, and far too many other impacted lives to count.

For anyone reading this on my children's book blog, you need only know that Sean was a gifted artist and teacher. His persona - his love for color, dedication to work (in both the classroom and the studio,) sense of humor, athleticism, and his incredible generosity towards family, friends, students, and acquaintances - deserves tribute here.

Shed a tear. Paint. Write. Act. Take solace in the dreams that you have, the people in your life, and the time that you are given.

You can enjoy Sean's paintings and purchase his work at Sean McCabe Studio.

Rest in Peace Sean.

With much Love.

Your Pal,



25 Luftballoons

Happy 25th Anniversary to St. Paul's finest children's bookstore! The Red Balloon Bookshop celebrates 25 years this month.