Harts Pass No. 106: Hog Heaven

Tough looking guys on tricked out bikes are a lot less intimidating once you get to know 'em. Tough looking pigs on tricked out bikes are fun to draw.


Harts Pass: The Summer Solstice Edition

It's the first day of summer... and fall will be here any day! I've always been partial to winter anyway, but summer seemed a little more luxurious when I was a kid.


Back in Action!

After numerous production delays involving material and labor,
the Sleepdog Studio is back in action!


Harts Pass No. 104

A busy week again with the school end - summer begins transitions underway. For some reason I settled on this Don Draper (Mad Men)/Beaver Relocation Project mash-up as the theme for this week's strip. I'm pretty sure the concept flopped, but I DO really like the suave beaver and his stylin' suit!


May Sketches

I'm a little late to posting these, but after an urgent April deadline I returned to consistent daily sketching in the month of May. Many small projects heading into summer, but the sketching will continue. Enjoy! 


Harts Pass No. 103

It's graduation week here in Harts Pass country. Congratulations class of twenty-twelve!