Autumnal Art

At this point in September, school is well underway and summer a lukewarm memory...

Hooray! The season of school visits :) To celebrate, here are several fine thank you notes that I received during the Humbolt County Author's Festival last October. THANK YOU!

Lots of great detail and some very careful coloring in all of those letters.

Percy never looked so good. Kind of a Stoic, James Dean thing goin' on...

Awesome colors!

My school visit calendar is quickly filling for 2009. If you'd like me to visit, please get in touch ASAP. I am also booking days for 2010 and beyond!

Kids, send your own fan art to:

PO Box 731

Winthrop, WA 98862

Can't wait to see it...


Black & White

Phew, it's been nearly a month since my last post. Lots of end-of-summer-new-school-year excitement, but things are finally getting back to an even keel. I am currently illustrating two new books (one that I wrote as well, hooray!) and trying desperately to get a second new manuscript out the door...

I've also been experimenting with some geometric inspired black and white artwork. I LOVED geometry when we finally got it in school - 9th or 10th grade? - so two thumbs up for the confluence of art and arithmetic!