A New Look for Jenny Archer

Last summer I did my first "cover-for-hire" work for Little, Brown and Company. This was one of several "products" of my fall 2004 visit to New York City. Meeting a few editors and art directors apparently IS a good thing!

The Jenny Archer books have a fun, adventurous heroine and newly bright and spunky covers to boot!

My sample books have arrived :)


Illustration Friday: Spotted

Please note the Northern Flicker's Colaptes auratus "spotted" belly in this recently finished cover illustration for my local paper. Not a big deal to say the least, but it will get printed on 25,000 copies of the Methow Valley News Summer Guide 2006.

The use of acrylics and this resulting "style" or lack-there-of is an ongoing experiment for me. Any comments or thoughts are very welcome!


More experiments...

ink, watercolor, and colored pencil on chipboard


Illustration Friday: Speed

Snowboard-cross: p. skiddy-style