Harts Pass no. 474

Great movie that "Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood." Mr. Rogers would definitely NOT approve of my sarcasm in this strip, but sometimes the wolverine needs to rip and shred a little...


Harts Pass no. 473

'Tis the sound bite season! TONS of catchy word play. LOTS of impossible promises. Try to cut through the noise and think about what a politician can actually accomplish given all of the layers of government (thankfully) and the odds that are stacked against him/her. And then ask yourself very pointedly what it it that a President is really supposed to represent. What IS the American dream? Why does this country exist? On what principles was it founded? Lets not pick a President based on fear and irrational ideology summed up in a sound bite (or an outright lie). Let's pick a President that actually has our Country's best interests at heart and not simply his/her own.


Elephant Haiku - 1.31.20

Catching up on the Elephant Haiku. I'll have a few more posted this weekend.

Harts Pass No. 472

Not to be overlooked, wolf OR-54 was recently found dead in northern California. As wolves will do, this ambitious female set out for new territory and famously traveled nearly 9,000mi. in search of a mate. Idaho to California and back again. Her father had done something vey similar in becoming very first wolf sighting in California for nearly 50 years. The beat goes on... GRRR!

Harts Pass No. 471

And then there are days like this. Or weeks. Or months. Or years it seems... GRRR!

Harts Pass No. 470

We all feel like this at one point or another... as Glenn Pudelka* used to say, "onward and upward!"

*Editor on my very first children's book. Not a reference that anyone will understand and thusly this :) Enjoy!