Harts Pass no. 533

Kind of fun when a current news brief fits nicely with the comic. Sometimes I seek out news on wolverines or specific stories about the North Cascades. This week, a blurb about grizzly research just came across my "feed." Interesting to a degree, but based on following deer paths through the woods etc. I am usually surprised at how "logical" they seem. When looking up the hill myself and trying to plot the most efficient, least steep way to ascend, it commonly fits with some sort of animal trail. Nobody wants to work TOO hard if there isn't some more compelling reason to make the path more direct. 



Harts Pass no. 532

Ah, the spring break. And so it always goes. Something of a break. Something of a chore. I know that some people really embrace this annual ritual with an escape to some sort of warmer clime. That has not been my practice, nor, I think, would it be my preference. A little yard work. A little wandering the hills. Call me "vacationed." Let's get on with it. 



Harts Pass no. 531

THIS comic is a total inside joke based on some discussions amongst the XC team. And so I ask you, which is more pleasant, a worm or a snake? Somehow the "worm moon" coincides with this ongoing debate. Snakes are clearly the best!



Harts Pass no. 530

Birds chirping insanely in the morning. Blustery, windy days that look warm but are actually frigid... spring is delightfully cruel. 



Harts Pass no. 529

I DO really like this one. Just a simple visual with a kind of nice surprise at the end -- AND it makes perfect sense with the 3.17 publication date for the comic :)



Harts Pass no. 528

Phew! At this point in the ever-evolving pandemic, I feel like we might be removing masks and getting a little too comfortable with the idea that a vaccine with fix everything. I mean, for starters, we have to convince a bunch of people to actually go and GET the vaccine... 



Harts Pass no. 527

If you don't already know Yayoi Kusama's artwork, you should check it out! Amazing patterns. Awesome, saturated color. Every inch is covered in dancing lines and texture. We've been exploring and replicating her work with my JRH art classes. Art imitates life and visa versa.



Harts Pass no. 526

Maybe not one of my best efforts here. Sometimes, when you are doing something like this mostly for fun and weekly practice, you end up phoning it in... I WAS thinking about Covid, and art, and being cooped up and looking for something new, but at the same time I was pretty much trying to hit a deadline :) GRRR!



Harts Pass no. 525

My wedding anniversary coincides with this comic... and Thor and Melanie here are based loosely on my own relationships and happenings. No one I would rather take a walk with, Melanie :)


Harts Pass no. 524

I like this one. Sorry to brag. It's a simple conceit, and it was fun to draw -- to try and pull off the consideration and change of expression in a fairly limited range of movement. Not a huge audience for this strip by any stretch of the imagination, but I've definitely practiced a LOT of comic-making with these characters in the last 10+ years and 524 strips. I should be decent at it :)