A Bill Martin Jr. Picture Book Award Nominee!

Polar Opposites was recently nominated for the Kansas Reading Association's 2012 Bill Martin Jr. Picture Book Award.  

Established in 1996, this award serves to honor internationally renowned Kansas author Bill Martin, Jr., as well as commend outstanding authors/illustrators. It also promotes in young children an appreciation for literature and encourages involvement in promoting quality picture books. Please click here to read more about Bill Martin Jr. 
The 2012 voting is a long ways off, but this is still some excellent news on a blustery spring-like afternoon. A big thanks to the KRA and everyone else that has been enjoying this book. I'll keep you posted on what happens next!



Spring is finally on it's way, and my daughter's teacher is expecting a baby girl. Here is a quick baby shower card that I painted this afternoon :)


Art on the Side

In recent weeks, I've completed a few small freelance assignments that are kind of fun and "blog worthy". For starters, a friend here in Winthrop is trying to get her "Pampered Hens" business up and running. She'll be selling eggs and birds as I understand it. Pretty much, Jane loves chickens. She's totally infatuated, and will no doubt turn this into a successful pedigree poultry operation out of sheer and delirious enjoyment :)
Simultaneously, my cousin's husband is releasing a folk rock album any day now. Matt made the mistake of recruiting me for album art just before Christmastime... and I finally fit it in amongst the paying projects :) Cursed are the Scorekeepers by Matt Belknap will be found here in due course!


From library cards... to library vans!

In October, I mentioned my involvement in creating the North Central Regional Library System's "Lynx" to Literacy. The library's literacy site is up and running, as are these specially marked delivery vans that do such a great job of keeping our vast geographical library system interconnected.


A Sno-Isle Library Surprise :)

I created a new Sno-Isle Kids mascot and website design about two years ago. Recently, I learned that Otis the otter and Squirt the octopus hold esteemed positions on library cards! Color me awesomely honored, and three cheers for libraries. Hooray! Haroo! Hurrah!


Six kinds of Awesome in Black Diamond!

I'm right in the middle of a two-day school visit, but these kids were totally psyched about the visit. I need to get a few close-up photos, but each letter on my name (plus two exclamation points!) in picture no. 1 is illustrated with characters/scenes etc. from one of my books. Not to mention all of the AMAZING positively perfect pajama art! 


Way to go Black Diamond. I'll see you tomorrow!


Happy Read Across America Day!

And Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss :) I'm celebrating by making three different complimentary elementary school visits in Kirkland, WA and making an appearance at Parkplace Books tonight at 6:30. Now, to properly honor the good Dr. AND all of the amazing children's book art and design out there -- I would challenge the National Education Association to get a better promotional poster next year!