Harts Pass Soccer Club

Brooks Illustration, and the associated Harts Pass Comics enterprise, are proud sponsors of a U-8 soccer club this fall. We had our first game yesterday AND received some spiffy new unis featuring Thor in all of his soccer glory. Go Wolverines!


So Shiny!

Kids LOVE the glossy cover. Enough said!


Beyond Books: Art in Action

Like anyone, I get asked to make donations to various causes around the country. The requests vary, as do the compelling reasons for participation. When Room One, a local non-profit focused on reducing domestic violence, and increasing parent/child health and well being approached me this summer, I jumped at the chance to help.

It's a soup bowl auction for goodness sakes! 200 hand-painted soup bowls by community members and local artisans. Soup bowls and autumn -- it's practically perfect!

True to tradition (this is the 4th annual event) most bowls are simply given away with the price of admission. The bowls that I painted, however, along with a matching book, will be part of the silent auction.

Take a look and see what you think:

Polar Opposites: Alex and Zina get their debut in both literary AND culinary style!

Practically Perfect Pajamas: Percy stands the test of time -- in dashing red with outer space details.

A closer look...

Slow Days, Fast Friends: Howard's grin will welcome you when the Cheerios are gone!

A closer look...

And finally, Harts Pass: Melanie is all smiles at the bottom of your bowl. Honestly, this drawing looks a little odd. If you want to see Melanie is better form, drop in on the high country action sometime :)

PS The images here are pre-fired glazes. I will post again once the pots have been fired!

PPS If anyone outside of Winthrop is interested in bidding, I am happy to take maximum bids. My wife and I will attend the auction and could place bids on your behalf.

Send an email at: brooks dot methownet dot com
or call me at: 509.996.4345


Gaaa! POLAR OPPOSITES is out yesterday!

OMG! Amidst a slough of other activity -- the first week of school, painting soup bowls for the Room One Auction, drawing comics, and putting the finishing touches on Who Has These Feet?, I totally forgot to mention my new book WHICH CAME OUT YESTERDAY!

Polar Opposites (Marshall Cavendish, 9.1.2010) is finally in the mix! Hoorah! Already some kind words from Kirkus Reviews, who call it a "refreshing change from traditional opposites books" but why take their word for it when you can have one of your very own :)

I'll celebrate the "one day late" announcement with this early sketch of Alex and Zina. They've changed a bit in the final art, but not too much. Enjoy!