Harts Pass No. 363

I'm getting over my first cold of the fall -- and an early one at that (to be blamed in my mind on too late summer forest fire smoke). Anyway, nothing that a little fall color can't cure for sure. Cheers!


Harts Pass No. 362

Always very glad for a quick onset of winter weather. Sure, we'll get another little wave of heat, but fall is here to stay and the best days of the year are yet to come!


Harts Pass No. 361

I love my daughter, but I have to admit that packing sack lunches is one of my least favorite things about the new school year. I mean, it was kind of fun to mix it up with little a bit during those first 5-6 years... but at this point one less thing to do on summer mornings is kind of nice :)


Harts Pass No. 360

Last week was the official start of the XC running/coaching season, and in all of the excitement I pretty much TOTALLY forgot about making a comic for the paper. Back again this week, but unfortunately so is the smoke from area fires. Most of eastern WA has been in the "unhealthy" to "hazardous" air quality rating over the past several days -- and it makes it hard to coach and outdoor sport for sure. On some small level, what with air-conditioned spaces and a change of pace, I can even imagine that kids actually might be enjoying the first week of school. Fingers crossed!