A Harts Pass Happy Halloween!

In honor of Washington State Poet Laureate, Kathleen Flenniken -- who is currently visiting with 3-5th graders throughout Okanogan County, hosting an open mike night at the Salmon Creek Coffee Co. on Thursday night, and giving a public performance at the Merc Playhouse on Friday, Nov. 2nd -- this week's strip waxes a wee bit poetical 'ore the creative potential of Halloween :)


Harts Pass No. 123 and the First Snow!

A touch of snow on the valley floor, and winter has arrived in the North Cascades!


Harts Pass No. 122

When you need them most, silent partners hear you loud and clear :)


Serenity Sleepdog

Still painting Sleepdogs :) Here's one of the latest...


Bear with Me...

Construction traffic between Winthrop and Twisp? While away the minutes by finger painting on the iPad!



The Methow Song

I talk about this in every school visit, but as a writer and artist your "sense of place" is a powerful inspiration. One's home is an important touchstone to so many other things - be it fascinatingly rare and endangered wildlife, dramatic mountain vistas, or even just the simple everyday friendships and daily interactions that humanize us all. The places we know help us tell stories!

Liberty Bell High School seniors, Duncan Hanron and Damen Martin do a pretty sweet job of putting their own little spin on the Methow Valley -- a place that I too call home and appreciate very much.

Great work guys!


Harts Pass No. 120

The wolf "recovery" in eastern Washington hit another large snag last week with the complete and total elimination of the Stevens County Wedge Pack. Thor and Melanie pay some tribute here and hope for better days.

Who Has These Books?

Who Has This Tail? comes out October 16th, and I just received my author copies in yesterday's mail. The book looks great, and once again the design team at Holt did a wonderful job of making sure that my watercolors stayed true to their vibrant and radiant selves -- not always an easy thing to do!

In a simultaneous debut of sorts, the Scholastic Book Club copies of Who Has These Feet? are also primed and ready to go. Stay tuned to your local book fair and check it out alongside the over-sized erasers, and Justin Bieber posters :)