On the drawing board... and in the deli!

Another work-in-progress from WHO HAS THIS TAIL? I'm wrapping this book up early next week and it'll be VERY nice to kick off the official start of summer by shipping off the art!
If you happen to visit Winthrop this summer you can find an assortment of Harts Pass comics and a few acrylic painting on display (and for sale) at Boulder Creek Deli. While you're at it, you can't go wrong with the Single Tracker sandwich for lunch. Yum :)


Illustration Friday: Shadows

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This summer, I hope to get back on a more regular Illustration Friday submissions schedule. Kicking thing off, here is a cross-over post with Harts Pass Comics. Unfortunately, the shadows of the past frequently persist...

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Once upon a time...

Four or five years ago I was midway through illustrating a tall tale when the publisher decided that the market wasn't quite right for such a story. Curiously (to me at least), it seemed more prudent to table the project rather than proceed to publication. Fairly enough, I was duly compensated for my work, but it was still sad (and a bit deflating) to have several months of effort and inspiration never fully realized.

I haven't thought a lot about the characters in recent years, but this past weekend I stumbled across a pile of sketches. I haven't drawn many people lately, so it was fun to look back and realize how much fun it was to experiment with their gestures and expressions.

It also reminds me that I should pick a piece or two to finish up and round out my portfolio!


On the Drawing Board: June 2011

With Who Has These Feet? due out August 16th, I've been hard at work on a 2012 follow-up. Any guesses what the new book's title will be :)