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Due to certain clerical errors from the left bank studios of Wolf Creek a wonderful batch of first grade school visit 'thank you' notes only just arrived late last week - they were postmarked May 11 :O

Somehow, I am hopefull that a delayed response on my part will evetually reach these now second graders from Clear Creek Elementary. Thank you all!
Max only wishes he looked this tough!
And I only wish I were this handsome :)
A wonderful Slow Days, Fast Friends drawing...
...and other super cool drawings too!


A Kirkus Suprise!

My lovely editor at Holt passed along this recent review of Boo's Surpise. It was a real treat to follow-up on Besty's/Boo's adventures from the first book, and I was especially pleased by the sentance or two regarding the illustrations :) Available on August 4th!

Byars, Betsy
Boo's Surprise
Illus. by Erik Brooks

Boo’s imagination continues full force in this gentle sequel to
Boo’s Dinosaur (2006). Boo styles herself the “luckiest girl in the world” when she discovers a spotted egg hatching in her yard. She and her dinosaur develop a rich friendship, jumping rope, playing hopscotch and pretending to be cowboys together. Her upbeat voice depicts her supportive friendship with her playmate: “He has wings. He just doesn’t know how to use them yet.” With her magic cape held tight, Boo teaches him how to fly, and he soars away, leaving behind a memento for Boo and her older brother to share. Convincing family relationships enhance Boo’s experiences; child-centered dialogue abets the taut pacing. Engaging double-page drawings extend the text with humor and warmth. Brooks’s illustrations vary shading to depict the fully realized characters. The dinosaur’s dynamic expressions provide a warm immediacy to the engaging plot, and Boo’s bouncy pigtails convey her youthful exuberance. The successful balance between fantasy and realism creates a satisfying chapter-book selection. (Fantasy. 5-9)


Super Princess Madam Zorony!

My Summer Reading adventures are off and running. You can follow along, or print and color all of the pages here, but the first three days of our summer serial packed such a wallop that I'm posting them on this regular blog as well. Get the word out and keep up the great work kids!



Summer Reading 2009!

I'm done with my grades, and back to my first full-day in the studio in over a month! Yesterday was also the kick-off of Summer Reading here in North Central Washington state. Follow along with both the library visits AND the Summer Serial at: http://ncrlsummerreading.blogspot.com/

Happy Reading!