A Room with a View

A few views from in and around my studio yesterday: First, my daughter and I walked home from the school bus stop under this spectacular December sky. I love these rare sunset reflections on the late afternoon clouds. We're very much in the shadow of the mountains out here. On occassion, under certain light conditions, the early dusk makes for great contrast between the trees/hills and the lighter glowing sky.

And these are simply two new views of my slightly modified studio space. (It was lunch, so please forgive the plate and discarded cola can!) I spent a day or two this summer building a guestbed/loft (on the right) and a new hanging system for sketches/final art above my drawing table. The loft defines the space in a cozy way, and it also gives me third wall for hanging sketches or taping up various inspirations. I'll put some cork on it eventually. The new hanging system on the wall is a major upgrade - in terms of strength and aesthetic appeal - from a similar but far inferior version using thumbtacks and fishing line :) The next photo is a close up:

In the works are final sketches and few painting experiments for my fall 2010 book with Marshall Cavendish. Lots of other stuff too, and that is pretty much the "state" of it. Hardly ever really clean, but it feels good that way :)