Merry Christmas!

I usually make a Christmas card, but I've been chasing my tail since September and this year it'll be something for New Years or maybe Valentine's Day... I hope! Thankfully, my daughter and I have started a little card making tradition of our own and collaborative projects get extra incentive -- as do the weekly comic strips :)
 Merry Christmas!


Feet Tweet No. 6: Polar Bear Feet!

Feet Tweet No. 6

This particular animal ranks among my very favorite...


Feet Tweet No. 5: Santa's Elves!

Indeed! With bells and all. Speaking of Christmas, LOTS of gift/card making to do this weekend. Feet Tweets to return on Monday12/19/11 @ErikBrooksBooks.

Feet Tweet No. 5

These busy feet might get colored later this afternoon :)


Feet Tweet No. 4: Sand Fiddler Feet!

Colored pencil on Canson Mi-Teintes drawing paper.
A little late for the east coasters... busy days!

Feet Tweet No. 4

From a scientific illustration class...


Feet Tweet No. 1: Gecko Feet!

More tomorrow! 

FEET Tweets!

So here's an idea that I should have hatched in August :)

In honor of my latest book, I'll be "Feet tweeting" daily for as long as I can manage. Those that actually follow such things can find me @ErikBrooksBooks. I'll post pictures here as well - which should cover the bases of cyberspace to the extent that I find physically possible.

And so, without further ado I give you FEET Tweet no. 1 (featuring artwork that did not appear in the final book!):

Harts Pass Paintings

Just a couple of recent paintings inspired by the characters in my weekly comic strip. I sold a few at Saturday's Christmas Bazaar here in Winthrop -- along with a good number of hand-colored prints.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!


Books Beside My Bed: Slow Days, Fast Friends by Erik Brooks

Books Beside My Bed: Slow Days, Fast Friends by Erik Brooks: A sweet, albeit nearly year old review of Slow Days that I just discovered. Thanks Karen!


Thank You Green Gables!

A great couple of days at Green Gables Elementary School last week. I have some kid artwork to post soon, but here is a quick "thank you" sketch of a very unique class pet -- without further ado, I give you Truffles the hedgehog!

November Sketches

A few recent favorites from my sketchbook. Enjoy!