Defenders of Wildlife and Harts Pass Comics

A small but loyal following at Defenders of Wildlife recently put some Harts Pass Comics imagery to work on their blogKylie Paul, Rockies & Plains Representative at Defenders, does a nice job of summing up the recent trajectory of potential wolverine protection and in the final two paragraphs makes a case for reversing the recent decision to deny protections:

It is a fundamentally American value to protect our land, air, water, and wildlife – that’s why Congress enacted the ESA. If we’re not willing to protect one of the rarest mammals in the Lower 48, a species with fewer than 300 individuals left south of the Canadian border and one of the lowest successful reproductive rates known to mammals, how imperiled does a species have to be to gain federal protection?

Defenders of Wildlife currently has an open petition to tell Secretary of the Department of the Interior Sally Jewell – who oversees the Fish and Wildlife Service – to reconsider the serious threats to the survival of wolverines and immediately reverse this unsupportable decision. Please take part!



Fall arrived. And with it, this old dog. 
I know him. He knows me. 
But faith in that
is what remains.


Harts Pass No. 219

The second week in a row where a wolverine eats something -- or at least pretends to eat something -- the lives of animals are thankfully a lot less complex than our own. Sleep. Eat. Play jokes on  unsuspecting wildlife photographers...


Harts Pass No. 218

Yes. Wolverines DO eat marmots!


Harts Pass No. 217

For sure one of those ideas that was hard to communicate in comic form, but we make our own fun here at Harts Pass Comics, so we expect you to work at it a little bit as well :) Cheers!


Grrrace, Grrrit, and Grrrattitude at the Rocking Horse Bakery

As one of my most artistically satisfying comic strips over the past several years, Bearnica seemed to cry out for a larger format. In the waning days of summer, I finally made the leap, and you can see it now (in 3' x 6' format) as one of several new pieces hanging in Winthrop's Rocking Horse Bakery. Grrrace, Grrrit, and Grrrattitude, people. The wolverine way!


Harts Pass No. 216

Sometimes its just fun to draw cute little animals. Elementary school rocks!