Sleepdog Sightings!

I painted 15 Sleepdog commissions in the month of December. Now that I won't be spoiling anyone's holiday surprise, I'm finally getting around to posting a few of them here on the blog. In no particular order we have: Smokejumper Sleepdog, Soaring Sleepdog, Schoolhouse Brewery Sleepdog, Still Shreddin' Sleepdog, Science Teacher Sleepdog, Saddle Up Sleepdog, Skipper Sleepdog, Sun Salutation Sleepdog, and Social Studies Sleepdog. Match 'em up to the right title if you can!


The Slow Days, Fast Friends eBook!

SLOW DAYS, FAST FRIENDS went out of print in early 2012. However, through the wonders of modern technology (and the reversion of rights clause in these older boiler plate contracts of mine!) I can now self-publish for fans of the Barnes & Noble NOOK.

OCTAVIUS BLOOM & THE HOUSE OF DOOM met a simliar fate in 2010, and is currently selling more than every before. Three cheers (for this part at least) of the eBook revolution!



OK, so perhaps this is only really "excellent wolverine news" in a limited circle, but I had the good fortune to ride along on a wolverine capture in the North Cascades last week! It was truly a privilege to watch the biologists and "wolverine crew" staff in action, and it is very clear that all involved are caring, compassionate, and professional about what they do. If I ever needed that extra little push to write my wolverine story...

And here are just a couple of photos to document the day:

Here is the yet unnamed wolverine just before taking a few hours nap.

I was a little bit in awe and unsure about holding a sleeping wolverine...

...while the pros were a little more at ease!

And finally, every good wolverine scientist has the appropriate wardrobe of GRRR! Gear. Good for measuring height and weight, inspecting radio collar placement etc.

Plus a link to the King 5 News segment that appeared later that night!


Harts Pass No. 136

For days (weeks even!) its been warmer up high that it has been on the valley floor. These occasional mid-winter temperature inversions make life a little easier for the gritty wolverine. And thawing marmots -- of course -- make for excellent fun n' games!

Stay tuned for some truly excellent wolverine news in a post later today...


Harts Pass No. 135

Here is last week's comic -- to be followed later today by the most current strip!


Harts Pass No. 134

Everybody needs a "signature move". Thor might still be working on his, but I'm going with GRRR!!!


Fresh snow and a New Book!

A surprise FOOT of new snow yesterday afternoon and a semi-surprise package in the mail! SEA STAR WISHES (Sasquatch Books) doesn't come out until April 2, but my requisite illustrator copies arrived in a whirl of white. Written by celebrated singer, songwriter, and poet, Eric Ode, this book was incredibly great to illustrate. The designers at Sasquatch did a fantastic job with the scanning/layout, and I am seriously pleased to report that the colors haven't lost an ounce of punch. Hooray!

Not to mention the double whammy on the Eric & Erik thing... It's going to be fun to show this off in the spring -- whenever that eventually arrives :)


Harts Pass No. 133

This is what happens when you drive 60 minutes each way over a snowy mountain pass to see the late showing of The Hobbit on the day before your comic is due... Happy New Year!