OK, so perhaps this is only really "excellent wolverine news" in a limited circle, but I had the good fortune to ride along on a wolverine capture in the North Cascades last week! It was truly a privilege to watch the biologists and "wolverine crew" staff in action, and it is very clear that all involved are caring, compassionate, and professional about what they do. If I ever needed that extra little push to write my wolverine story...

And here are just a couple of photos to document the day:

Here is the yet unnamed wolverine just before taking a few hours nap.

I was a little bit in awe and unsure about holding a sleeping wolverine...

...while the pros were a little more at ease!

And finally, every good wolverine scientist has the appropriate wardrobe of GRRR! Gear. Good for measuring height and weight, inspecting radio collar placement etc.

Plus a link to the King 5 News segment that appeared later that night!

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Anonymous said...

Nice photos. Glad you finally got to go on a capture.

Kelly R.