Harts Pass No. 170

Simple confirmation that growing up is hard! Well intended parental efforts aside, its pretty much a muddled mess of misinformation and misdirection... But don't worry kids, someday down the road the tables will be turned :)

The Literary Cannon!

Dear Mr. Brooks, 
I know this isn't anywhere near the grandeur of accomplishments you've earned before, but I think that if I was an author-illustrator I'd want to know these little things too! 
I'm a senior at Northfield High School in Northfield, Minnesota, and I'm a part of the AP World Literature class. We were discussing the literary cannon, and as a part of this we were given the task of creating our literary cannon of ten children's books. It was extremely difficult, and the "oldies" made it on of course- Good Night Moon, Harold and the Purple Crayon, The Giving Tree, etc., but so did The Practically Perfect Pajamas! I brought that book in in an attempt to make it on the list, and my classmates quickly supported the idea. When my grade was in kindergarten you visited our school, so the great majority of my peers all have a signed copy, meaning we all grew up with Percy and his pajamas! We're just a small town in Minnesota, but I thought you ought to know that your work has had a lasting influence on us! 
Thanks for all you do,  

Last week I received this email -- which is pretty much the best kind of "accomplishment" that an author/illustrator like myself can achieve :) And while I don't necessarily aspire to be included in the official "cannon" of any sort, it is truly great for anyone to hear that their work is appreciated -- and to know that a picture book about a pajama-wearing polar bear shared at a school visit nearly 13 years ago is still on the shelf - and in the mindset of a high school senior :)

Thank you so much Sasha and go Northfield Raiders!


Harts Pass No. 169

One hundred sixty nine of these. Really? And so it goes :) I really enjoy doing these almost wordless ones where the expression and a few minor seasonal or setting details fill things in. And then there's the occasional diversions into poetry... in this case, a nod to mix of calm and storm that have been driving my dog and (I would imagine) the local fauna a little mad.


Harts Pass No. 168

Although posts in this network do go viral, its a whole different thing I'm pretty sure.


Harts Pass No. 167

Tired. Lots to do. Could use an extra hand or more time in the week... Hey!