Mom-Tested! Leonard Marcus Selected. Fuse #8 Directed.

My almost daily scan of ├╝ber librarian Fuse #8's blog brought a pleasant surprise this morning...
Boo's Dinosaur was selected by Leonard Marcus and the Moms at Parenting Magazine, as one of their Best Books for 2006 !

Granted, the Fuse's tone is characteristically edgy -- and she is, me thinks, not whole heartedly supportive of the Parenting Magazine/Mr. Marcus selections, but from where I stand any national-type exposure for a book that I've worked on is a pretty nice thing :)

5 degrees this morning when I took out the garbage. A fine bit o' news to warm me up.


Illustration Friday: Clear

or "clear" sailing in this case...
Late with this return to Illustration Friday.
I'll try to be on time with the next.


A Teaser for Spring... '007

Final covers are complete for both What Are You Hungry For? written by Emme and Phil Aronson (HarperCollins) and Dog Diaries written by Besty Byars, Betsy Duffy, and Laurie Myers (Henry Holt). Lots of waiting to do between now and then, but seeing the covers completely typeset and in all of their glossy glory is always very nice! Much more about both projects as we get closer to the springtime publishing dates :)


Color these BOO-tifully

A few new coloring pages from Boo's Dinosaur.
Click on the images to print at full-size.



Please excuse the Terminator reference... it seemed like fun,
and I'm still celebrating the rebirth of my first book.
Three Cheers for a 3rd edition!