Harts Pass no. 522

And today's strip continues -- like ALL things in the world right now -- in the Covid vein. Like many times in history, it does go to form that even a simple comic strip in a random small-town newspaper can take up the call to public service and hopefully help to spread information in an approachable way. GRRR!


Harts Pass no. 521

I usually find a Dr. King quote to honor this week and to pay respect to his work for civil rights and social justice. This year, I came across a statement from Senator Robert F. Kennedy given on the eve of Dr. King's assassination. It seems appropriate to our own current moment in history and carries in fact a similar sentiment to President Biden's words from Wednesday afternoon. 


Build Back Better Bears no. 9 - 1.20.21

Amanda Gorman's poem was AMAZING... inauguration bears!


Harts Pass no. 520

There ARE indeed too many people skiing in the dark while listening to music. They are also, by all appearances, too far from the trailheads with too far to go and with no additional light to guide their way. I'm all for adventure and that thrilling experience in the "out of doors" but please, please, please DO remember that we take certain risks here on the urban-rural fringe. Best not to look TOO much like a clueless chew toy for the wild kitties!

Harts Pass no. 519

I wrote this strip on Tuesday morning, January 5th... with a "no news is good news" sort of hope for the first full week of 2021. With the comic hitting print on Wednesday, I really wish that I'd been right. I mean I was, "nothing" happening on 1/6/21 would have been MUCH preferred to a riotous storming of Capitol Hill, but I was wrong in that way too much happened and we are really just beginning to hear the full extent. Truly hoping for a quieter week ahead. Best regards.


Build Back Better Bears no. 8 - 1.15.21

United bears. Together bears. Black bears. White bears. Social justice bears. We got your back bears!


Build Back Better Bears no. 7 - 1.5.21


Roll up the sleeves and get to work bears!


Harts Pass no. 518


A rare instance this week where the newspaper editor gave me a little prompt for what was going on in the paper. Basically it was a summary of the year, which when you get right down to it was pretty much dominated by Covid. I chose to skip over that in this little contribution, but as per usual it is implied. Looking forward to less pandemic inspiration in 2021, but true to the life a wolverine, we're not out of the woods yet. GRRR!