Harts Pass No. 102

Spring Cleaning: Long-delayed and never ending!


Harts Pass No. 101

Bigfoot again: This is the Squatchie's second appearance, thusly qualifying him as a regular guest!

Pipestone School of Music T-Shirts

I'm pleased as punch with these new shirt designs for the Pipestone School of Music. They sold like hotcakes at "Music Days" last weekend, so get one while you can! The screen printed colors are a little different -- including the blue of the tees -- so I'll try to get a "live" shot posted soon.


Harts Pass No. 100!

"Sweet Wolverines!" Amazingly, I have been drawing Harts Pass for 100 weeks - almost TWO years!

Last weekend, the ever-fantastic Methow Arts hosted Ten Tiny Dances at the Twisp Community Center. In today's strip, the "tiny" among us give their own rendition. Take a closer look if you can, because the devil is in the details...


Harts Pass No. 99

Today's strip is no where near worthy of it's penultimate (almost 100 weeks!) status... but the locals will probably get it. Giddy up!


Harts Pass No. 98: "Bearnica"

On the heels of recent bear baiting charges and the ongoing drama of wolf recovery (both at home and beyond), Melanie's inner Picasso takes a stand. Click to enlarge as usual!