Harts Pass No. 224 - Happy Halloween!

*With the "Dream Team's" award winning pumpkin design as borrowed from children's book author, illustrator, and pumpkin craver extraordinaire, David LaRochelle!


Harts Pass No. 223

"Finally feeling like fall!" And that's good thing :) Perhaps its the anticipation of winter (much adored as well), but I've always been fond of this cold and blustery time of year.


Harts Pass No. 222

I can't be sure that marmots watch a lot of football, but it wouldn't surprise me. Football "hiberNation" or something like that :)


Harts Pass No. 221

Mustelids like the wolverine can produce a strong order under situations of stress or heightened anxiety. I've also been coaching middle school xc and this week we get to wash uniforms. Its hard to sneak up on the competition when they can smell you coming! Worlds collide :)


Harts Pass No. 220

Wow. Two-hundred twenty! A fine way to welcome fall. As my second-only-to-winter favorite season of the year, I do enjoy these annual odes to Autumn. Click the strip to make the reading easy :)