Harts Pass No. 244

The North Cascades wolverine study is coming to an end... so now the ONLY way to keep track of these critters is to keep reading these highly educational and always entertaining comics :)


Harts Pass No. 243

Short and sweet: MANY have opinions... but it doesn't mean they're right!


Harts Pass No. 242

Although quite opposite in many ways, recent information on climate change puts both polar bears and Adelie penguins in a similar state. Loss of sea ice = loss of critical habitat. Adaptations will (maybe) occur, but its a slippery slope indeed (pun intended). While wolverines are tough, and in this comic humorously hungry 'till the end, they too face critical habitat loss as late-season snowpack becomes less and less a reality. Stay tuned and stay ON IT with advocating for change. Warming is happening - how much, and whether we can arrest/reverse these alarming trends is up to you. GRRR!!!


Harts Pass No. 241

Local meetings about a grizzly bear reintroduction, and the wolverines are not afraid -- of the bears!