Holy cow... I mean PIG!

Christmas may** have arrived a little early here in Winthrop, Washington. I think I just won me some mighty fine artwork in Jarrett Krosoczka's 1st ever Punk Farm Raffle.

I mean these are the brazen barnyard Rockers that put the "ARRRRRRRR!" back in Farm and the spunk back in Punk.

Get out!

I've been admiring Jarrett's work ever since loving Annie Was Warned a year or three back, and his promotional chops are so much fun. On top of all this, he a philanthropic fellow too (see raffle).

Thanks Jarrett!

** My obviously lame dial-up connection is too slow for video, and the local library speakers were barely audible. Any friends out there with more reliable access should confirm this for me before I get too excited. Otherwise I'll just watch the mail... like a kid at Christmas...which I surely am :)


Sweet Dreams 2007

This a one of several possible images for my family's Christmas card this year. It also marks a return to printmaking -- which I really enjoy, and hope to do more of in 2008. Sleep tight!



More polar bears: a constant theme. At least in these new ink/brush experiments there are a few additional creatures as well. I mean check out that snake and the cheetah/bear thing :)

Hot Off the Presses!

My bound advance copy of POLAR POLKA arrived in yesterday's mail! It really looks great, so thank you to everyone at Sasquatch for taking my pictures and putting them in their best light. I'll be very excited to start sharing this book when it hits the shelves in February.

Art Exchange '07 No. 12