Harts Pass No. 191

The Winter Olympics are over, but Mother Nature is piling it on. Three cheers for more snow!


Scholastic Audio Polar Opposites!

OK, I just finished listening to the 4:31 Scholastic Audio recording of POLAR OPPOSITES. I was skeptical at first, it was really pretty nice :) These arrived in the mail about 10 days ago, but I really could't bring myself to listen. Its a short book, and the story is shared pretty evenly between the words and the pictures -- You HAVE to see the artwork in order to understand the story.

But you know what? They did right. There are some fine "Tinkerbell-style" charms to indicate page turns. Paced just about right for a child to read the simple sentences in concert the audio AND still have a moment or two to take in the art. The sound quality is great. Very professional with both the narrator's voice and some short snippets of background music suited to the story - and there is even some additional whimsy with an audio effect or two - IE some lip-smacking when Alex and Zina enjoy their breakfast, and a well placed grunt and groan as they both push and pull their luggage along the ice.

All-in-all a pleasant surprise :) Thanks Scholastic, for making a fine day even better!


Harts Pass No. 190

Olympic fever continues!


Harts Pass No. 189

As per usual "click" to enlarge!
Posting the weekly Harts Pass a little early -- as in just about the same time that you might read it in the paper. There are currently three Methow Valley athletes living their dreams at the Sochi Winter Olympics and the wolverines just want to throw in some "scratch n' claw for all your worth" kind of support!

Three cheers for Methow Made Team U.S.A. nordic skiers Brian Gregg, Erik and Sadie Bjornsen. GRRR! GRRR! GRRR!



Let the school visits begin!

A great start to my week of Tri-Cities school visits today! A big thank you to both Lincoln and Ridge View Elementary for the excellent visits and to the Literacy Connection and all of the participating librarians/staff who've put all of this together in such an orderly fashion.

To Lincoln, your pajama party enthusiasm was awesome and I'm sorry that I forgot to get my camera out to capture any of the action :) Below are a few snapshot from the halls of Ridge View, where the kids and teachers did an excellent job of putting both The Practically Perfect Pajamas and Polar Opposites to spirited use.

Thanks again to all and I'm looking forward to the rest of the week!