Harts Pass No. 182

Hope that everyone had an excellent Christmas and that you're enjoying at least a little down time over the next several days :) For those of you looking forward to a Harts Pass Comics collection, this will be the final strip of 2013 and will close the book in fine and spirited form. Cheers and Happy New Year!


Harts Pass No. 181

Ah, Christmas in Flordia! The whale tourism -- and potentially HUGE holiday meal might be the only things to get me there. No offense Floridians, this cartoonist (and his wolverine cast) are just simply too fond of winter.


Thank You!

Thank you one and all for helping to make Welcome to Harts Pass a reality! More details to come on shipping, rewards, etc. With much GRRRattitude! - Erik


22 Kickstarter Hours to Go!

The "Welcome to Harts Pass" Kickstarter is one day shy of completion and, like Thor and Martin sledding above, I am celebrating! Thank you all VERY much for the incredible support for this little book. A busy next week or so with Christmas, but I can't wait to start the presses rolling and to keep the gifts of books and other wolverine schwag a'flowin' well into the New Year.

At %114 funded I am currently researching an upgrade in paper quality from nice to even nicer! and anything else that I can do to make this book as GRRReat as it possibly can be. Stay tuned for updates on printing and processing in the near future. Thank you all so much and Happy Holidays!
PS And for those of you at the ENDANGERED SPECIES original art level and above, the following "Nordic Thor" and "Backcountry Tho" are in the ballpark of what to expect :) These two have graced this site this blog before, but new creations will pounce at any moment. I'll take suggestions for content in a survey for backers next week. Cheers and thanks again!


Harts Pass No. 180

A great talk in our little valley last week by Wolverine Way author, Doug Chadwick. GRRR! And thanks VERY MUCH to all of you who supported the Welcome to Harts Pass Kickstarter campaign. Still 5 days left, but the project is funded and there will be a book!


Sketches 12.7.13

Doing fine on the sketching front, but need to do some scanning and posting! Here is my sketch for the day -- a fine a chilly Sunday afternoon.


Harts Pass No. 179

Nothing normal about Thankgiving for the wolverine. Stuff it while you can, Thor. The next meal might be hard to find!


Sketches 12.3.13

In another lifetime, I design functional but AWESOME outwear -- well, mostly hats -- for kids and their young-at-heart parents. Sketches like this one today keep track of the inventory :)


Sketches for Life!

I try to draw something every day. I succeed... and fail, at honoring that commitment, but I know that its worth it - even in its smallest doodle form - and the notebooks scattered across my studio are proof of progress in one form or another :)

I love it as well when the sketches subconsciously take on a diary-like recording of my days as evidenced above:

11.17 -- About to launch my Harts Pass Kickstarter and feeling a little shy/uncertain about the effort...
11.23 -- Wowed by the response and uplifted by the support of friends, family, and the community at large.
12.2 -- Totally stoked by the ride and ready to crush the last two weeks of the campaign!