Kaktovik, AK - part II

A few more photos from our trip to the Arctic in early September. I'll post a few photos here and then a slightly larger batch in an album on Facebook. The recent end to Shell's summer oil exploration in the Chukchi Sea only puts more pressure on the desire for drilling in the coastal plain and the last unprotected area (1022) of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Keep it wild!


Harts Pass No. 266

We lost our dog last week... but there is new snow in the mountains and the salmon are spawning in the river.


Harts Pass No. 265

Stranded in Kaktovik last Monday I missed my deadline for Harts Pass. Back in the swing of it this week and I will be posting more polar bear photos a little later today as well!


Kaktovik, Alaska!

Away from the studio over Labor Day weekend - and a few days on either side - because my family and I were in Kaktovik, Alaska on the far northern end of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. A special trip really, that will resonate with me for years to come. I'll write more as I sort my thoughts and get back to the work at hand. For now, a collared mother bear on a gravel bar not too far from our boat!


Harts Pass No. 264

A little retro-active publishing here as recent arctic travels put a damper on my computer timeliness - and prevented me from doing a comic for 9/9 :) WIFI certainly exists - and is a much appreciated facet/modern convenience of life above the arctic circle - but nothing was incredibly quick and I left my laptop at home!

To wit, the rain that preceded our Alaska trip DID do a fine job of changing the game for fire activity in the region. Summer will take another good shot at us with hot temps into the Sept. 12-13 weekend, but these cooler and slightly damper weeks have been a blessing.