Harts Pass No. 158

Thor took full advantage of the Super Moon last weekend, and pumped up his ego... for the inevitable sarcastic jibe from Melanie. Summer is officially here as well, and its supposed to get HOT in the North Cascades. Stay cool!


Harts Pass No. 157: Summer Reading!

Summer Reading is off and running... *ON THE SOAP BOX* And, as per usual, it's more than just sitting kids down with a book of their own. ENGAGE with those readers people!!! Ask questions. Be curious. Read out loud. Do voices. Be silly. Read side-by-side even... The book is just the beginning! *EXIT SOAP BOX* Enjoy :)


Sea Star Wishes: A Seattle Times Summer Kids Book

SEA STAR WISHES was in today's Seattle Times! Thanks to author Eric Ode for the head's up and to librarian Stephanie Dunnewind for the nice review :)

Summer kids books | Books | The Seattle Times


Harts Pass No. 156

School's out in the Methow Valley! One more school visit for me and then it's on to Summer Reading :)


Happy Graduation Week from Harts Pass!

Happy Graduation Week Class of 2013! The newspaper/print edition did not run my footnote regarding Voltaire's Candide. If you thought it was a little odd to have an asterisk leading you nowhere, now you know why --- not that it really does much to explain things anyway :)