Harts Pass No. 384

Coaching track in north central Washington... we'll be really luck if we see our track by April 1st!


Harts Pass No. 383

A little early on the Harts Pass post this week, but happy winter olympic Valentine's Day!


Harts Pass No. 382

Groundhogs and marmots. Pretty much the same thing. And they probably taste very similar!


Hourly Comic Day 2018

Thursday, February 1st was my novice attempt at the annual Hourly Comic Day. Happy with the way I was headed... but also needed to throw in the towel after lunch :) Next year I'll clear out the schedule to accommodate a little extra drawing, but it was fun while it lasted!


On the drawing table...

In the final throws of two recent illustration projects - two board books for Little Bigfoot (Sasquatch) Books - and I'm excited to share just a peek at some of the art :)

IF I WERE A BEAR, and IF I WERE A BIRD both publish this fall. BEAR is pretty much done and BIRD will be next week. Then off and running on something new!


Harts Pass No. 381

It was super sunny when I drew this. And it was stunning. I promise!