Returning Soon!

Due to an overactive work schedule and an under-active imagination, the head wolverine at Harts Pass Comics has temporarily suspended operations. Gritty as they be, even the most diligent of the Gulo gulo can only do so much. Thanks for tuning in and come back next week!


Harts Pass No. 240

After a LOOONG stretch of fog and grey, a few recent sunny afternoons have been simply energizing! Thankfully, we've paired that sun with some 20 degree nights again (finally) and our resilient winter will hang on just a bit longer.


Harts Pass No. 239

You can only keep that pent up energy bottled up for so long :) VERY glad to be done with my most recent book illustration project, excited to see who it comes together with the designer typefaces etc., and ready to start the next -- GRRR!


Harts Pass No. 238

For all of my late-night author and illustrator pals -- who try desperately to strike a "balance" in their lives by staying up into the wee hours of the AM. Keep fighting the good fight, and DO get your rest now and then!