Harts Pass No. 187

Do YOU know anyone plagued by back pains? This one's for you! Its not much, but wolverines are a surprisingly sweet and social creature - once you get past all of the gritty determination, bone gnashing teeth and such.


Harts Pass No. 186

The Olympic Spirit alive and well in the North Cascades -- with a wolverine twist!

For words from those more gracious athletes who just missed out the 2014 team to Sochi, check out this article at Fasterskier.com. A special nod to Caitlin Gregg, whose husband Brian is one of FOUR US Nordic Team skiers with ties to the North Cascades. Go TEAM GREGG! GO TEAM U.S.A.!

And in Caitlin's words, because they're just so great:

“I am bummed to ski so well this year and not make the Olympic Team but I am staying positive and using this opportunity to look at the big picture!” she wrote. “My work with under-privileged kids in North Minneapolis gives me incredible perspective! To have the opportunity to chase the Olympic dream at all is extremely wonderful. Once again I am forever grateful to the countless individuals, companies and organizations who have helped make my career possible! I will use the story of not being named to show the entire ski community that the triumph is not only in making the team but in the approach and almost more so, in the response and actions when you do not make it!!!”



Harts Pass No. 185

Snow? Just kidding... GRRR!


Harts Pass No. 184

Harts Pass Lives! A flurry of post-holiday activity and I'm dragging a little bit with the online posts... back ON IT this week but no promises in February -- when I'm gone visiting schools almost as much as I'll be at home in the studio :) GRRR!


Harts Pass No. 183

Kind of a low snow year thus far in the North Cascades. Stay safe, go Seahawks, and have a Happy New Year!