For 10 years, my cousin Nate and his wife Hallie have been operating a woodfired pottery business from their home in north eastern Iowa. They make excellent pots, and its a great story of two people doing what they love.

Enter Noah! Two years ago they had a baby boy -- who I got to hang out with for several days earlier this summer. He's a fantastic kid with a wickedly powerful high five.

As these things go, he's also inspired Nate and Hallie to start a new branch of their pottery business: Woodfired Kids!

In a nutshell, these new pots are a handmade, non-toxic, thoughtfully designed alternative to the standard plastic kidswear. Smart stuff. Check it out!


Harts Pass Online!

After a nice vacation and busy summer days, I'm back to work on all fronts. Harts Pass is now online and will have a new comic strip posted every week. Cheers!