Portfolio Twenty-Twelve

As usual, the final sleep-deprived push towards an impending deadline has my mind pinwheeling in about a million other creative directions... siren songs that can seem even more enticing or justifiably important than the actual really important deadline. Fear of failure induced procrastination -- or something like that.

Anyway, this plaintive lab is begging me to stay the course and finish up in style. He's also a good reminder that one of my twenty-twelve creative desires -- pressing needs even -- is to update my portfolio pages. I've done some of my best work in the last 2-3 years and I have some brand new images and stories that are ready to share. I need to get them out there!


Harts Pass No. 97: Fast Marmots?

Watching marmots run. It got me thinking...


On the Drawing Table: Late April 2012

I'm putting the final watercolor and colored pencil touches on my first illustrated poetry collection, Sea Star Wishes by Eric Ode (Sasquatch Books, 2013). Eric is a poet and songwriter/musician from Bellevue, WA and I'm already looking forward to joining him for a few joint book events in 2013. Back to work!


Harts Pass No. 96

The "science fair" of Life.


More Awards News for Polar Opposites!

Polar Opposites is a 2012-2013 nominee for the South Carolina Picture Book Award. Again, in lots of great company with the likes of Art & Max (David Wiesner), City Dog Country Frog (Willems/Muth), How Rocket Learned to Read (Tad Hills), and Fair Cow (Leslie Helakoski) among others.

I'm thrilled to know that the book will be getting read and shared no matter what!


Harts Pass No. 95

 Elementary school visits in Puyallup and a levy vote at home. "Yes" for Schools!


A Bank Street Best Book 2012!

Awesome schools visits in Graham, Washington this week were made even better by the news that WHO HAS THESE FEET? was just named a Bank Street Best Book for 2012. You have to dig a little deep -- into the 5-9 year old science selections -- but its nice to have such excellent company.

It also appears that FEET? will be a part of the Scholastic Book Fair in fall 2012. Crossing my fingers for participation of the hardcover variety, but no matter what LOTS of kids will get to see the book!


Harts Pass No. 94

A pile of final book art has been looming large of late. Spring "break" is thusly oxymoronic over at Erik Brooks Illustration for the entire month of April. A fitting launch for my 5th decade? Lordy Pete... Enjoy your Sudoku!


Slam Dunk Sleepdog!

Long live the underdog. Go Kansas!