Thor Scratchboard!

Getting some samples ready for my high school Drawing & Painting class. Not sure if I have ever done scratchboard before, but it seemed like a nice transition -- and just a different way of thinking/drawing -- after several weeks spent with pen and ink. For those not familiar with it, a thin sheet of paper with a clay-like surface has been coated in ink. Using "scratch knives" or any sharp tool, you slowly remove the black ink surface to expose the white underneath. A strong graphic line in this case, but also versatile enough with practice for a wide range of tones and values. Thor the wolverine represented here in all of his wolverine glory. Enjoy!


Cat Diaries on the MSN Homepage!

It's just an ad, and it might indeed be skewed to my particular viewership due to recent internet browsing, but still kind of a kick to scroll through the MSN website today and to see my Cat Diaries book show up! Thank you Amazon cookies for the early morning psyche boost :)