Harts Pass No. 174

After another week of pure and utter chaos, we're back on task here at Harts Pass Comics. Proud as she is of the LBHS Mountain Lions recent League Championship performance, Kit can't help but wonder what a team of wolverines might accomplish if given the chance :)


"I'm Thinking of an Animal..." A new video series by the AMAZING Billy Kelly!

Musician, designer, and troubadour extraordinaire, Billy Kelly, has graced these humble pages before...
But as the most excellent designer of my first book -- now moved on to fancier things like rock bands and animation -- I like to check out what he's up to now and again. And so behold! A new series of 1min videos soon to air on a PBS station near you. Totally hooked! Sweet work Billy!


Harts Pass No. 173

'Tis the season for football fans and hunters. This one's for you :)


Author's Ahoy!

Liberty Bell Mountain is a excellent autumnal blur at around 6pm this eve as I finally hit the road for the 2013 Humbolt County Author Festival. This biennial gig is simply wonderful, and I look forward to meeting/sharing stories with all of the kids at Dow's Prairie and Coastal Grove Elementary schools -- not to mention the incredible staff and host of volunteers that make this all happen every two years! See you soon :)


Harts Pass No. 172

The spirit of Congressional cooperation is contagious!


The Illustrator's Exhibit at the Washington State Convention Center

Check it out! One of my favorite illustrations from Totem Tale is on display at the Washington State Convention Center Oct 10 to January (something) 2014. Schools and eastern WA folks, with the work of 67 illustrators on display, you should definitely add this to your list of "big city" things to do over the coming holiday visits to Seattle and beyond!


Harts Pass No. 171

And comics are educational too!