StoryHike goes live!

Earlier this week, my daughter and I helped set the signs for this summer's TOTEM TALE StoryHike. I'll post a few pictures of the trail soon and send out a reminder for the guided reading/hike on National Trails Day. For now, learn more at MVSTA and visit the Beaver Pond trail at Sun Mt. to read the book anytime you like!


Polar Opposites Russian Nesting Dolls

On Saturday, May 21st, Little Star Montessori School is holding its semi-annual fund raising auction -- a typically gala event, representing an incredible effort put fourth by many dedicated volunteers.

Inspired by the Room One soup bowl auction from last fall, I thought I'd create something a little unique and different to accompany my more traditional offering of signed books. And thus we have... the Polar Opposites Russian nesting dolls (plus Howard and Quince from Slow Days, Fast Friends, and the pajama pattern from The Practically Perfect Pajamas. Alex and Howard are both holding miniature replicas of their respective books, and the tallest of these doll stands about 5.5 inches.

Locals, get your tickets today!


All Things Considered

Phew! I'm up to my ears in a picture book project right now and have been completely neglecting the blog... So it goes, and as it should be. Anyway, soon enough I'll have some nice work-in-progress to show for my efforts.

In the mean time, my editor at Albert Whitman had her new book, The Wilder Life, featured on All Things Considered this afternoon. Congrats on a very nice interview Wendy!

And here's another Q & A session with A.V. Club Chicago.