On fumes

Earlier this week, I FINALLY put the finishing touches on my last book illustration deadline for 2007. Jame's Cross Giblin's, Did Fleming Resuce Churchill, as it is now called, will not be released until April 2008. Still, it is thrilling indeed to get my small contribution to this project out of the way :)

The image above, one of about sixteen in this early chapter book, is a small half page illustration for your viewing pleasure. Ink and charcoal. Fall 2007.


Tis the Season

A big thank you this week to all of the kids, parents, and Sno-Isle Library staff/volunteers that were so welcoming during my visits last week. It was an excellent four-day trip in the "north of Seattle area", even if I did miss the first sticking snow of the season back here at home... :)

Each library in the system hosted a different series of activites for National Children's Book Week. The Lynwood branch sponsored an terrific "Best Book I Ever Read" poster contest. Over 100 kids submitted entries, and they were all honored at a small awards ceremony on Saturday afternoon. There was also cake to be eaten, juice to drink, and of course the top secret special guest (moi)!

A few of the more interesting trip photos follow suit:

Just a few of the excellent posters. 3rd graders, man. Awesome!

Random, I know, but I drove through lots of rainy rural countryside. This barn, slowly losing ground to the blackberry bushes, was too nice an image to pass up.

And finally, the snow (and a mysterious pig!), in my front yard when I got home :)



Long promised. Now delivered. Click on the bookplate image to get the largest version possible. Drag/drop/save the image to your desktop. You can print and glue these into your favorite books OR they work very well when reduced to fit the Avery 2" x 4" Ink Jet Labels (style no. 8163). Happy reading!