Harts Pass No. 154

Memorial Day (observed) by our fine furry friends at Harts Pass...


Harts Pass No. 153

While I'm not 100% certain that wolverines get mistaken for "baby bears" in the wild, readers do sometimes confuse them in the comic. I'll take full responsibility for that based on inferior caricature -- and then just keep hammering you all with bold-faced lettering to draw attention when necessary. Cheers!


Seventies Sleepdog!

A brand new Sleepdog for the disco-themed Little Star Montessori School Auction. TONIGHT. 5PM @ The Winthrop Barn. Groovy!


Sketching wolverines... on an iPad!

I've been fumbling around in the dark a bit with video promo... but this one seems like a fun start!

Harts Pass No. 152

Life lessons from a young wolverine...


An elephant this afternoon...

Drawing elephants and other things this afternoon. Including this one. More on the way...


Harts Pass No. 150

Dear Melanie,
Why do you insist on using such a small font when posting to your blog. Sincerely yours, Nearsighted Nellie. 

Dear Nellie,
These are always easier to read when you click on the image to make it bigger! Much love, Melanie