Harts Pass!

It's official, I'm a cartoonist :)

You've seen a few experiments posted earlier in May, but the first OFFICAL issue of Harts Pass debuted on June 23rd! With kind consideration for the Methow Valley News -- my new patron saint of "sure, we're ready to go on this" -- I'm still debating when I should post the strip online. I definitely won't pre-empt or even compete with their mid-week release, but I'd like to get this out to a wider audience at some point relatively soon.

In any case, I'm thrilled. As stated in the News, "Harts Pass will chronicle life in the Methow Valley (my home range) from the perspective of two (mostly) fictional wolverines named Thor and Melanie."

Stay tuned!


The Methow Arts Fest 2010: Elevate Your Senses!

A small piece of art that I did 18 months ago was recently re-appropriated for the greater good. As if you needed any further reason to visit the Methow, our July 4th Arts Fest, as hosted by The Methow Arts Alliance, is far and away one my favorite celebrations in the valley. Fair warning -- there are no fireworks -- but I promise you won't miss 'em. Cheers!


Illustration Friday: Ripple No. 2

Hans Brinker 2010: Sadly, the folk hero for Deepwater Horizon has yet to arrive...

Purchase this image for a $10 donation by visiting ripple.


Illustration Friday: Ripple

Its not quite the whale that I should have drawn for the Gulf of Mexico, so I'll do an additional image or two on this theme later in the week...